Can IT Get Any Weird-Er?



Twenty-seven (there are 27 songs on the hand-written list below) divided by the Trinity is the Number Nine, so this list is praying for the Judgment which begins in the House of GOD according to the Apostle Peter in the New Testament and the Sword coming out of the Mouth of Jesus from the book of Revelation. Why do I not give specific Bible references here? It is because you, oh Christian and others who need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, need to work out your own salvation.

The whole Christian world of America is used to too many of us giving you too much information. Get saved through repentance and confessing your belief on Jesus Christ, get yourself to a responsible Protestant Pastor, let that man help you with a water, and Holy Spirit, baptism, and then work out your salvation with fear and trembling all glory to God. I recommend this list of CD’s for those who want to learn from the Holy Spirit how to see the New Jerusalem according to the book of allegory that is called Revelation in the New Testament, and that concept of using music like this is found within Revelation 17-22 all glory to GOD.

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