Training our Children?

Oh Christian Nation of the Western World, are we truly, together with our children, as fully the light of the world following Jesus around doing His will even as His example in the Gospel Record shows us, as much as we can and should be? Do we need to have a revival yet a new beginning at the same time unto greater worldwide harvest?

If we as parents do not train up our children in the way they should go without the curse upon our countenance as Christians (Revelation 22 removal of the curse concepts come into play here), I feel rather strongly as a mother what we continue to do is well defined by the fruit of our churches from about 1990 until this time in 2017 when so many young people tried it our way as Christians–and then were dashed upon the shores of the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2 & 3) since parents and grandparents have been being blind led by blind in the United States of America. We need this cycle of cursed Christian religion to stop. Now. So let’s get to it.   Sans Blind Leading Blind

Those dear children I’m talking about were not given living water love from Jesus. He told His disciples to let the little children come and do not forbid them. If Jesus had to tell His disciples this thing back then in the Gospel Record, we can all rest assured, and particularly with the fruit in our church buildings no matter whether Protestant or Catholic in the modern day, that it is equally true today and even more so as time marches on for one simple reason: population growth.

We do not need more abortion to control population. We need to be refined as Christians and watch the love of Jesus Christ take over the world as Satan is cast away and the curse is removed. (Revelation 9-19)

Before I present simple Bible passages which outline the concept I’m talking about–which is deliverance from the curse and we cannot, nor should we, define this concept too much–I would like to quote Dr. Raymond Moore’s wife Dorothy in the excellent book, The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook, to give a snapshot of where we need to go as parents in the United States as it pertains to how we school our dear children.

It doesn’t matter whether it is private, home, or public school, we are all in this together and we can have unity of purpose in our diverse midst regardless of the details of the education of our children.

I’m a home school advocate, but I have prayer walked public schools and keep praying for all children worldwide all glory to God so if the child is yours, he and she is mine. That is how it is to be a Christian all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

Before I present the rest of what is to be this article, which is not going to be well defined, let me answer my own assertion a little more about how we cannot define deliverance of the curse. As a Christian girl,  I was taught one basic non-truth which rendered my relationship with the Holy Spirit severely abused and hampered. I was taught by churches and the men of leadership in my life that I could not hear the Holy Spirit as my Teacher Primary. I was taught that only the Christian men are my teachers. This is the death of the female soul in the Christian midst and since it is that, it is the death of her future children unless she can understand the relevance of the book of Second John as the mother and then face hell and high water in the United States to overcome the false doctrine perpetuated by the Christian Church according to the two beasts of Revelation 13.

This excerpt from The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook is from the introductory material of the 15th chapter, “Worried about Reading and the Basics? Try This!”

p. 97 “Our children had many rich experiences as youngsters, including travel; nature study; music in the home with a piano, records and tapes; useful work; stories from the Bible or other books if you are not a Christian; true moral stories; and memory verses. We found constructive true stories to be more effective in building character than myths or novels, because they help to influence the children’s actions and thus their habits, rather than simply amuse.

“We were not concerned about formal schooling until ages eight or ten or later. I already had enough experience with early school entrants in my five years of public school remedial teaching to warn me that children, especially boys, were not really ready for ongoing school at least until then.”

I feel high schools should be vocational training or upper level courses for young adults going for a university education. Children honestly don’t need more than through eighth grade instruction in a formal school setting to have a very good, basic platform of intelligent discipline to further move ahead in a successful adult life.

After that point of a child’s life, I feel rather strongly that they should be allowed to work, pay bills, and be a meaningful part of society as they continue on with further education unto their future career.

Will I be listened to in the current economic and educational systems of the United States? No. I will be scorned. Whatever. I also highly recommend for public teachers, principals, and superintendents to read this book. Again, will I be heeded? Absolutely not but that doesn’t stop me from stating the obvious as our federal and state governments continue to flounder.

Please check out this point of view from P!nk to support my outrageous “opinions”: P!nk – What About Us on YouTube


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