biome: a community of organisms living in a particular climate that depend on one another  ~from Spectrum Science GRADE 5 sold here on Amazon and sold here on Barnes & Noble  but I was very glad to purchase it at this lovely location of Barnes & Noble and this lovely Barnes & Noble location because when a home schooling gal Friday is in a crunch with curriculum, lemme tell ya. It gets needful to know where to go. This definition is in Esther Grace’s curriculum on p. 38. Spectrum’s workbook has this website clearly displayed on the front cover:

SO what is my point? Oh my goodness this is going to be a fun blog article right here, yes it is. I’ve talked to ever so many parents and kids across the 20 plus years I’ve home schooled ten children in Austin, Texas; I’ve boycotted the homeschool movement and Doug Phillips didn’t last in that cult but Michael Ferris only barely scraped by. They are both idiots but WHATever. Your little sister in Austin, Texas, loves white supremacists even though they hate us. Your little sister in Austin, Texas, loves those “Patriarch Christian Families Who Home School Nationwide” even though they hate us.

In summary of my introduction of this article: I’ve got opinions about our children’s education. And I’m going to sum it up. Ain’t any of us wrong. I hate politics. There. I said it. I hate politics. Now we can go to a lovely place called a balanced opinion from a mama who loves us all for one simple reason: Jesus Christ crucified, arisen, and King of kings, Lord of lords today who loves humankind like his Father God does.


I want to think about schooling children and young adults nationwide in this article. Because here is what I really think: we have invested out of sheer necessity to educate a country of children in the United States. Some of that stinks. Some of it is stellar. Some of it is simply an education so that a student could go and do what they think they need to do professionally or in the military or, or, or………

What are you doing in the biome you as a responsible parent are creating within the community you live within? Is your child’s biome of education that public school, private school, or home school? If you are a home schooler, the biome is self-do.

If you are a public school constituent who sends your children to that biome–are you thinking of it as a biome? Or do you just get the kids there on time and hang on for dear life as your life keeps painfully going?

And there is my basic point: we are together in this. A lot of home schoolers or people who see the very real problems in the public school systems tend to look at (gasp) the SYSTEM as completely out of touch. In many cases, that may be right. But what about the investment in those buildings? What can we do to go back to WW2 dayz and learn about the good from that hard time period? Thrift. Use what is there. Think outside our boxes and give up what contributes to a sick biome socially, educationally, and peacefully. Do our part.

I never have been a proponent as a home schooler of chucking the system. As a stay-at-home mom I never hate on day care centers though to be clear the Christian Religion judges any man or woman who stays home to take care of kids while the other one works–if they even think about putting kids in day care if you are in a cult type Christian system, and if you are Dad doing the stay at home thing watch out! If Mom is the perfect home body stay-at-home thingy, lemme tell ya. In the cult world of Christianity, the expectations are endless. You are always a failure. Whatever. I fail on a regular basis and get back up in love with Christianity as my neighbor and keep on going. It’s a good life no matter how much they judge me and I have a lot to be thankful for. But it took me a long, long time to quit listening to cultish hate messages and it takes men a long time too. God help churches across America and God help the public school systems across America. They, and we, are one and the same in a lot of our struggles. When are we going to realize that and embrace loving one another’s biomes while working together toward what John & Yoko Ono sang in Imagine? We can do this, yes, we can.

So let’s think of reversing the shit-load in all education biomes of this great nation. We are pioneers, us Americans. Let’s pioneer more thriftily than what we been doing: hating on each other in an educational civil war. We need to put our arms down and figger this out in a balanced way. Think about it. In 2050, my tenth kid will be 42. If your public schooled kid will be 42 then, they will likely understand one another better in 2050 if we parents, educators, and governing bodies financing education in this country start now, and yet….end now what is called nasty wars about education.

I’m going for all of it free or close to that–some day. But today, I don’t want to hate on public school systems even though I don’t use them. I don’t want my kids to be verbally abused and such just because they are home schoolers. We need to meet in the middle and go from there. We can do this. We can concentrate on our own children’s biomes of education and encourage that other parent’s perspective at the same time. Okay? Okay.

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