James Comey, Donald Trump, and this Mama America

I bought the feature image at HEB in Dripping Springs, Texas, on 4/16/2018, and the picture was snapped in front of the cigarette case. 

Mad World by Jasmine Thompson

I just read 4.16.18’s USA Today top newspaper story, as pictured in the feature image and below, entitled, “Comey on Trump: ‘He’s morally unfit” Withering remarks break new ground'”. I was, to be clear, drinking coffee for my afternoon break as I read the article.

I’ve mowed the lawn, helped sick kids be comforted, and will take my seventh child to ACC for a dual class later this afternoon. Esther Grace’s English in the form of McGuffey Reader and Spectrum Spelling will begin in a while though she is napping because she is slightly sick.

But before I help Esther in English–the beauty of home schooling is you can do a little school or a lot of school on sick days though the kids don’t like that perk but Mom sure does lol!–I need to get an adult opinion about supposedly adult human beings in charge of our federal government out of my system even though I may be more sick tomorrow.

Yes, I’m Cara Beaty. That means I do yard work half sick and then if I’m more sick later I will confine myself to a recumbent position only after I have decided I cannot do SOMEthing else.

Bob Beaty is my daddy. He was still trying to mow the lawn I mowed this afternoon three weeks before he died in February of 2016. And here is the deal: America is full of my daddy and me. Comey, I happen to know, is that kind of daddy while Donald Trump ain’t that kind of daddy. He is something else and therefore, that distinction must be made by an American Citizen as golden as me–and my entire Beaty-Coffey family–before I fire off about my political opinions.

If you are MAGA raging, and the lunatic in that position that I KNOW you are, you see me as a stupid housewife one hundred percent of the time. If you are anyone else NOT MAGA raging, you are like, hey, that is a superwoman what with ten kids and a daddy who’d try to mow his two acres three weeks before he breathed his last. She freaking home schools? Boy, how I wish I could do that since kids are shooting kids in public school.

I told Dad he could sit on the porch, drink a beer, and order us around to mow the lawn. We were, in his language back from the days he built three houses in Austin, Texas, with his brother Robert Paul Beaty, his gophers. He nodded his head and I kept walking with him down that hospital hallway with his IV trailing along on wheels beside him.

ANYway………here goes.

  1. Donald Trump should yesterday one day after the election of 2016 be required to hit delete on his public Twitter account. Just.Do.It. Congress, please and thank you. When you have aggressive-dominant people ruling, with their women who are many times demeaned or just as ugly as these fascist-types with their Evangelical Christian, White Counterparts–(Frank Shaeffer’s estimation is seen here in my life since about 2016–whom I trust implicitly due to his life story from his book Letter to Lucy: A Manifesto of Creative Redemption in the Age of Trump, Fascism, and Lies with my review being accomplished here and here)–they are all well ingrained within habit patterns and they MUST BE RIGHT. Indeed, here is a quote from Comey that is right on in this article’s front page cover: “It’s all focused on the boss. What is done in this family must serve the boss.” Seriously, Trump appears to be Hitler on the half-shell with his cohorts. At least Ryan is choosing not to run again. That’s something anyway. When you have powerful people like this (money power and/or/and political power like the NRA or Ford Motor Company), there is no end to the increase of that governing called WRONG with subsequent lying and media smearing happening over and over and over again *yawn*. So you take away some of the toys to quiet the White House down a bit so that the real people can get in there and have meaningful discussions with an old guy who happens to be the president.
  2. Don’t listen to the shit-fall about Comey. He got caught just like Nixon got caught but then Comey was fired and that wasn’t right. There have been several firings from this White House that ain’t right. We all know that. I am stating the obvious because I have to as a housewife and because I speak the truth as Superwoman. Comey is very faithful across three presidents. Exactly how much more proof of the Comey pudding do we need? We ARE talking about the former FBI director. You don’t keep that position by simply breezing your way through hell, ya’ll, and we all know that. Come ON.
  3. The moral issue: yes it is truly there. John F. Kennedy was very immoral. He was nonetheless a good president in many ways and he was more discreet as far as that sort of thing goes. We have England to thank for this sort of strange #3, don’t we? I mean look at what happened to dearest Princess of Wales Diana whom I feature on this very website in Diana, Sia, Calvin Harris, & Lady Gaga. Here on this website you see the real, golden people who have money. In this new political article of author Cara Coffey whom America destroyed along with Tate Publishing, you see the difference between a righteous ruler who proved it (Comey)–who is still being trashed but probably didn’t hire prostitutes or if he did it was kept secret respectfully because he is somewhat or a whole lot respectable–and a rich, evil ruler (Trump) who has some serious flaws and isn’t righteous. It’s very easy to see when you cut the media frenzy out. That’s why I’m generally-speaking going to carve out time to read the newspaper henceforth. The newspaper isn’t as easy to herald with a great deal of hype unless said issue is the National Enquirer but we all know to buy that and LAUGH. *smile* They ain’t hiding anything. They are just trying to stay in business. News Rooms are trying to stay in business as well, but they get pulled apart as much as Comey just got pulled apart and I don’t even know how good of insurance they have but I do know we treat our president and Congress and Supreme Court very well; very well indeed. The military and public school teachers are having issues right here. *ahem* To be clear: Frank Schaeffer has no desire but to passionately love his dear wife. That is obvious as you read his book. So morality, whether America likes it or not, is definitely an issue, people. Come on. Go check the records of venereal disease in our suffering young people’s lives of this nation. And then realize we need to fix this from the grassroots level on up. We are doing it. God bless America.

Do I think Trump should be impeached? Maybe, maybe not. With the firing of Comey came the obvious issue I do not feel we have EVER dealt with before since Bill Clinton and that is a base-line of arrogance that MUST BE RIGHT which gets our checks and balances of this great nation out of WHACK *sigh*.

But even Clinton has his good points, yes he does. And Trump’s good points? Well, I think we may see some if we would dis-allow that freaking Twitter account and anything else he has on the side that he used to fuel outrage and fears of the wrong kind.

Mike Pence doesn’t hire prostitutes, so he has that going for him. I have some questions about him: did he know about possible collusion with Russia during the election cycle of 2016? Did he know about FB’s actions? Will he listen to the little people about immigration, race issues, gun issues, and government health insurance as far as it being universal?

Because….golden, real Americans are ready for 3 things: 1. making it easier for immigrants to become bona-fide citizens who pay taxes and etc. 2. health care for everyone, and eventually, 3. education of children 18 and under being free, free, free and parents having FREEDOM to choose the educational tools we use as we keep working for this great country called the United States of America.

We aren’t going to MAGA. We are going to go for the gold of loving ourselves and all our neighbors as we love the LORD GOD first. That’s another strong point of Mike Pence if he can get over himself and mind his own business about things like the Gay Community: he IS a Christian and so is his wife. But they need to stop expecting Christians to be anything but love agents in this nation to all tribes, tongues, peoples, and nations when I assert these things, and many Christians are still believing pie-in-the-sky-lies about life in general and in particular in the United States which ain’t freedom of religion, folks. Nope it isn’t American Christianity. Deal with it!! For freaking crying out loud: Christians in America truly, truly, truly do NOT understand the Lord’s Prayer or 1 John 1:9.



My art/author work desk. The school desk is also in our dining room in an alcove where my father and uncle built me plenty of shelves. The utility room is on the other side. It is in need of repair but at least I do laundry indoors now. And we even have a dishwasher now. 💜😂💜

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