Bold, Business-like Spontaneity, Part Two


You Will Listen to Malcom Jenkins, Part One

I have observed some maturation processes in my life that I’d like to pontificate upon for the purpose of understanding removal of demoralization in a general populace of large cities.

If an adult can understand these lifelong processes a little at a time, perhaps said adult can change behavioral habits at home, at work, at play, in distress, or just in the living of life which can encourage and promote changes for peace in that person’s particular sphere.

I must use the Bible in this motherly, author attempt and yet, and yet, in America the Bible is wholly misused by apostate adults who still insist they are what is termed Christians. I’m not being sarcastic. I’m being honest. But at least I have hope in this brief endeavor. I’m an author, I’m a Christian too, and I have plenty of time to practice. As a matter of fact, I have forevermore.

As an elementary student, I remember this one time. I’d already become a Christian and I was probably in the third grade. We were Pentecostals so that meant my hair was long and we wore dresses only. Back in my day, Dad and Mom allowed one hour of television. We had devotion morning and evening. Dad gave us rubber bands to wear on our wrists so that as we went to school, we could remember to converse with Jesus when we saw the rubber band no matter where we happened to be.

I was one of those hyper-sensitive, dry humor, children. Guilt was something I was very familiar with at the same time I was also a lively child in conversation and particularly when discipline on my backside was involved–Dad always said I’d have been a good lawyer. Knowing how I’m gifted at the age of 52, I’d say I could be better than good at this point. I can argue any case and make it right; but I digress. 

Each day when we came home from school, Mom was there and she talked to us a bit before we enjoyed our afternoon. She was our confessor and my parents taught us 1 John 1:9 as new Christians and young Christians quite naturally. We learned the value of confession of sin one to another and yet, there was my tendency to be wracked with guilt when I struggled with something that the Pentecostal faith would have taught was wrong. Again, it was a natural thing: I didn’t know these processes in my psyche were happening. I didn’t know how highly visionary I was nor did I understand how I’m a mainly artistic-type of person.

So my incident that I recall today about guilt (thereby you see unnatural shame as well)–had to do with the boys bathroom. I dared myself to open the door and look in and did so. But that was after a while of temptation/guilt/agonizing episodes. I don’t think I confessed it to my parents. I just remember how I dealt with it alone. And that isn’t even a “thing” that should have been dealt with. But I did.

Perfectionism with accompanying expectations from people older than us is taught in ever so many places across America. How did I remove myself? I didn’t. I am being re-trained in the light of Jesus Christ as it pertains to humility as a sheep. Are you a sheep? Well, you should be. You can be. You need to take whatever is in your mentality and run to God the Father with it for days and weeks and months to come to the place where you can have seed wisdom as I have here. It is all glory to God. If and when you love God first is precisely when you can begin to perceive the truth about yourself because He will father you to indeed love yourself, and your neighbor.

Why is it such a battle to change habits, to rejoice, to love God first and foremost above everyone and everything? Why is it such a battle to embrace other people who indeed love God first but not with religion? We accepted Satan as prince of the world–go look at the allegorical/in real life story of Adam and Eve in Genesis. Now go read the 2 beasts of Revelation 13. The war is real: in your mind; in your city; in your place of business; in your home. Wake up! You may cannot see it, and yet, you can. So wake up! Arm yourself for battle and win! It isn’t going to be a war of success. It is going to be a war of weakness and strength in Christ.

Here is one of my testimonies about being rejected of people. These are enemies to me and yet I can tell you that I love them; they love me. It makes no sense. But love is the impossible being made possible. I will point out that nowadays, I have a different set of what I am developing as DNA of spirit life family, though. Am I sad? No. These people are getting deliverance and being returned to their family base of spirit DNA too–and I am happy for them.

But before this testimony above, it took ten years. It took three destroyed books with my whole publisher, too. That is equally testified in Revelation 13 so go read it and understand how destruction of our selves, our lives, and our attitudes is the only way. We are too human to believe anything else. I have been left alone as a spiritualist (I am a prophetess in the office of it in the Christian Church and I have the scars of rejection and demoralization in the spirit life to prove it)–and now I am coming out of that lone dove place for indeed, I’m sheep and dove as a Christian. I’m not a pigeon.

“Pigeon Religion” by Dr. RT Kendall helps people like myself, colonized in any religion but particularly the Christian one, to get ahold of habit patterns that make a person be a body who isn’t interested in running to God for sustenance in the parched land of humanity which is a vicious cycle with Satan that we chose; we chose; we chose. RT Kendall Ministries is a wealth of information about choosing in this life to relate to God–your Creator who loves you like HE loves HIMSELF.

Inevitably, as a transformation such as what I’ve experienced happens, your life is going to be turned upside down. If you’d like a snapshot of my journey, you have blogs of testimony to read and artwork to look at. I cannot publish. It will be destroyed.

For you see, I just admitted I’m a spiritualist. And for me, as a woman who knows my election in Tribe Judah, I can say truthfully that I have seen the Lord. I have seen the past president of the ministry I’m about to showcase below in artwork: John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International.

If you must know, I ministered with his father today. His father died one year. The day his mother died (Esther Jackson), I upped and sent John Paul a letter the next day only to find out later that his mother died the day before. Elect go like this. Sorry if it is scary. We can’t help that.

Mr. Robert Jackson and I took down a chasm of issues here in Austin that are affecting the world and more particularly the United States–my own father and I have done it all glory to God in Austin more than once so now you know. I definitely see glorified bodies.

I won’t explain the high powered stuff here except for this sketchy information–believe me or not I don’t care though I used to but everybody just kept not believing me and that never stops Jesus, Angels of God, or glorified bodies I’m telling you. Halloween, here I come LOL!

Focus, please: focus on loving God first and accept that there are those of us around about you whom are working with King of kings and Lord of lords in Tribe Judah worldwide and we want you to go with us. When you refuse, you get the testimony splashed across three/four blogs of mine. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

So I’m learning balance. I’m learning to keep serving humans while being glorified on the earth. Take what I write and run with it to God but don’t judge yourself or me. Don’t judge God. Let Him love you and father you into a continual love feast with I AM no matter the circumstances on this earth.

I have my people now. They aren’t the same people I thought they would be even four years ago. But nonetheless, I have my people. You can have them too. I’m watching God place those–even they whom rejected me wholly even as they did save a very few reject Jesus Christ before and during his death experience–into where they are supposed to be forevermore. It is beautiful.

I encourage you to take the journey yet remember: there is only one Way, Truth, and Life. His Name is Jesus. He loves us to be sure; however, Father chastises children to be sure. It is mysterious and most if not all humans I know stumbled on GOD during my last ten years on this earth. Moving on……and getting my boundaries in place. I’m sharing the process with you. I sincerely hope it helps.


Embrace true reality unlike the current federal government leadership is doing, and your whole life will have a spontaneity you will need to cover the good kind of busy I am these days ministering to God and humans all together.

Below is a basket I purchased today at Whole Foods. I needed a catch all it got so busy across the past ten years as God flew me home. I became a a traveling prophetess the past few years enacting deliverance work in the war of Armaggedon on this earth.

I’m still waging war in the spirit realms with angels and I AM all glory to God as I already told you in this article. But indeed, God flew me back to this ark called Austin, Texas, at least for now. I wanted to leave this property I’m inheriting ever so many times because it was hard. But I didn’t leave unless called somewhere and now, I’m dwelling much more than I was for those years of deliverance work that continues closer to home now.

It has taken me ten years to become this kind of person who obeys without question regardless of the judgement and persecution I endured to keep going. It wasn’t that I was not doing it before; it is that it was taken to a much higher level as the supernatural tendencies around me became more clearly out in the flesh.

I kept dying inside, being an alone person like so many of us–a shell–who kept going. And I can tell you that the Bible is true no matter how much humans are discrediting it. It is truth. Let us treat ourselves with the respect of God: He created us in His Image. Let us not allow that fact to go to our heads: He has no match. We are humans; nothing more and nothing less. But and we need to desire fellowship with HIM.

Otherwise, you get what we have: the news rife with prince of this world’s fruit with humanity: sin, decadent un-balance, and a lot of simple people like me hurt but doing the best we can. I’m appealing to US the hurt people. Run to God.

The caption is my social media proclamation for the United States as I carry this lovely bag:


Lookie at my new briefcase/purse. Bought it for under $40 at Whole Foods off Loop 1 in Austin, Texas. #freetrade Weight distribution is phenomenal; construction rock solid; handle comfortable either held down or at the elbow. If I could learn to carry on top of my head like these ladies do it, that would be a bonus. Seriously, strength in my back is getting better but I don’t hold a candle to these ladies weaving these baskets and supporting their families. Such golden example of true strength these precious women are to American Me. As always, Whole Foods comes through with quality and a humble education in the peaceful, wholesome way of life.

Bold, Business-like Spontaneity, Part Three

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