You Will Listen to Malcom Jenkins, Part One

There isn’t anything like a Tribe Judah Prophetess scorned in hell on earth with her people. I’m so busy keeping up with my people that part two is lagging. Apostle Paul and I are going to have a Bible Conversation in Part Two. That can wait.

Malcolm Jenkins is the Bomb in June of 2018. I been screaming about this for years. He quietly is saying the same thing. See the newspaper photo below his excellent point? I was targeting prison reform for the past month to put on this blog but as I said; I’ve been busy. A bunch of white, old fart  Christians been denying my testimony hard set. Moving on……

Sports Illustrated—Watch: Malcom Jenkins Responds to Questions by Holding Up Signs on Criminal Justice System


Remember the example of Harriet Tubman this day. My children and I are finishing up “Hero Tales (Volume One)  by Dave & Neta Jackson and we began to read her story. It is more than relevant here in Jesus Name amen.

Hero Tales for sale.

Bold, Business-like Spontaneity, Part Two

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