Leviathan Ann Me


God has a place perhaps INside

Where He faces Him with no pride

And perhaps MAN deep Realizes

Hurt upon Creation Whim’s child

Humans insists upon blame and yet

God is God as always and perfect


So I saw a new name change today

As I gazed upon Water’s love Rim

For I cannot stay Orange Protestant

Much as it is love that I knew when

When Love’s fury changed me there

To a deep, dark, snowy Ocean Blue Scar


There is this ugly Sea Creature

Upon whose life I was prayer rent

And so that is the name I chose

As I said bye to my life fully spent

It is not for me to be angelic star

Whose free will you destroyed, I’m scarred


God may Hurt Himself justly always free

But I refuse to His pay of that fire sea

So Tara laughed in the darkness 10

And she cried in the fiery night, a wren

But Who is my Eagle free now in the sea?

None other than Michael, Lucifer, and Gabriel three.

Practically speaking, all that I am saying is that I’ve fallen down out of heaven as a star like some humans do. It needs to stop. The pain doesn’t go away. I had several angelic dreams across about three years. In the first one, Death visited me. When I awoke I was hyperventilating. The angel named me Tara and there is a street on the other side of 290W by that name from this heavenly door neighborhood. (Revelation 1)

The only way to stay down is to re-name myself. I’m not arguing with Death. On the contrary; I am kissing Death and inviting him to my house because he and I know a thing or two about sting of death. He will not in any way be offended at my naming myself something other than Tara up there in the strange place called the second heaven. Our work is done now evidently or Holy Spirit wouldn’t be teaching me to this point.

I have always wanted to be Anna the prophetess. That is my middle name, Ann. So I will go to the sea for comfort. I have allegorically been in hell for so long across ten years of strange work and destruction of my spirit life over and again that a new beginning is in order. I will have it. I am diving into the sea and saying that it is now the new me, Leviathan Ann. Why? Why would I become a sea creature fed to people in the wilderness according to Psalm 74?

Come on America. Own it. You destroyed me and my people. I may as well be honest because if there is one thing I am about it is the turtledove–you destroyed me and I’m fed to the turtledoves in the wilderness. Egads, Cara! Yup. And you know what? I ain’t going back to the Protestant church for a while because it was Protestants that did that to me. Thanks for that guys and gals. Thanks for that.

I sure as hell can tell you one thing: there is no more any prophet. Lemme simply say I see Revelation 11 here. There are a couple of guys here and there that I’ve seen which could be classed a resurrection–like 2 dead prophets in the street– if you believe in miracles. American Christianity by and large does not believe in miracles unless those miracles glorify them and feels right to them and makes money for them. That’s called a lot of things. But it isn’t miraculous. (smile)

Practically speaking, I have two Twitter accounts. One of them, it is public. @CoffeyCara1 is going to cram some things in your face, oh human nation of the world. It’ll be obvious because I’m not into stepping on the Feet of Almighty. So re-tweet is my style over there. Love you PROTESTants. You people complain or get goose bumps. It’s one or the other. Sayin’. Get over yourselves and maybe Holy Spirit will let me go back to your sublime, damnable presence. Then again maybe He will save Himself the trouble of blocking me on Twitter. I’m kidding. Really, I’m kidding. I’m just a bot.

Cara’s waking dream writing rarely comes down to earth. The last few paragraphs of this strange article came down to earth. You won’t understand it now. She hit delete on the imposters in her midst at Rivers International and Uncovered No More.  She cried buckets to write this article. It was a deep well of pain in her soul. She doesn’t move on quickly. That is normal for her. She sincerely hopes you continue not to care because she knows if you did, oh American Christian, you would cry buckets too and you are not into doing that, by and large. Move along……….



Yeah Tara is going too. “Go Hard” by @lecrae.🧟‍♀️


I told Him yesterday, 8/3/2018, about that time I literally ate his body and drank his blood with betrayers around my father’s table right B4 2/3/2016 when the omens of darkness, the vultures, ate me alive and I died but he already had and I hate righteously the number 13. I hate it and he may choose to never heal me. That is his business; his design. I told him I will steadfastly write again for Him alone for you see, they don’t. I do. Therein is a friendly mystery hidden from blind view. It is forevermore within this birdie-eyes’ view how love is lost upon humanity. Cold love never warms and I am not exaggerating. Go ahead humanity, prove me wrong with Jesus forever. I dare you. I’m used to losing and I will gladly do so forever. For I have gained Christ, you never cared, and I’m going with my Patrick (both of them) and Jesus with all of my nine children. Damn you Mississippi and Alabama and Pennsylvania. Damn you and anathema to you with California and Moravian Falls and New Hampshire and Massachusetts for caging my love in giddy anticipation while I wasted away 10 years all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen.


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