White Walls are Already Arisen Amen

There was this woman. She has walked among the realms forever. It isn’t for created to say eternally. It is only for I AM to say “Created Eternally” and the earth life doesn’t like that in human form; yes, even in glorified human form they rage at God is what Little Sister me has learned. Tip-toe through elephant dung, cow poo, and kitty droppings to get to the allegorical truth around here; around there; around, around everywhere heaven to hell and hell to heaven again.

IEverywhere. Everywhere. I see you making I AM suffer everywhere. Don’t pray the Lord’s Prayer with me in the room. I take you out, Dawg. And the only ones left standing are Jesus, Cara me, and ArchAngels Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer…..when Prophetess Tara is in the room.

You never know; you never knew,

when Cara turns head into Tara Zoo.

At the Zoo by Simon & Garfunkel

You have no control. You never did.

So watch me destroy in night of your bed.

Looking for America by Simon & Garfunkel from the Concert in Central Park

Looking for America (feat. Lecrae)

Your bed is my life. Your desire for me obvious.

So watch the Spirit lady. Use your vengeful jealous.

Go heal yourself, mortals, angels who aren’t they.

Go heal yourself the death’s door way.


She must look up before she begins to catapult into the Throne Room of this Earth Life or the pain will stab; the memories remain; it is too much at the moment to handle her gifting in the new life while the remnants of the old her are still dying away; living away; speaking a fray; hating her day April 14, 1966.

They hate her day April 14 every year. What is a gal supposed to do when they hate her day every year? I don’t know so I will leave that room not in the Throne Room. I will look up and go where the pain does not exist because I am accepted here. They didn’t throw me out, thank God. 

She took walks in 2017. They are a blur but she remembers. She walked off the road sometimes. It was better than that time Freemasons showed up. It was better than that time with the cave. Slaughter here, spirit rape there, there is no escaping some days for He and me. There is no escaping some days for He and me.

So she learned to go somewhere else after that place left her desolate. The one time it was hardest, well, that took three days to get up. This other time, when she walked up the White Wall Empire, it was only walks where the white walls canvassed where she allows; she has a Boundary Device of Life, you see.

She knows where glory of GOD cannot reside because they do not free will it there; they never will. Esther Grace, her Esther Grace helps here because Esther Grace knows where angels cry and where angels cry is where she does not allow mortals any toe-hold of anything in her White Wall Walks. They arose; she set worldwide boundaries.

SHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSSSSHHHHHHHH……….they never knew it is here, He is here, He is here, and He is here. They never knew that she Arose the White Wall Fortress Worldwide. See…….they never knew what He knew she Sees. And they never thought to remember how she keeps interpreting so when Today comes, she understands a little more and He returns her to her innocence a little bit more. They already met in the middle and then that caused the White Wall Ascension in Austin, Texas, in 2017 all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

The Beginning, The End, The Middle, and everything in between and wholly too.

I love you

She is beyond tired but will finish this article. Last night (8/24/2018), Friday night worship, and as she ignored what she could of impostor situations all around, she was able to discern the Tribe Judah spot. It is growing. But that takes only King for it to grow ANYwhere. This place last night is noteworthy since death warrants have been served in church buildings because…..I don’t know but I did see doors at the back of churches burst open wide with water, an ocean. Don’t underestimate death in the process.


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