PAGANISM—An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by Joyce & River Higginbotham

PAGANISM: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions

How do You tell them that You are now looking in the Mirror of 1 Corinthians 13. How do You tell them that You know how to climb up onto the magick carpet and ride back to the Beginning, no matter how many thousands or millions of years that was? And how do You tell them that it isn’t Christian Christians that know You; it is Neo-Pagans that Know You with Jesus Christ, God Holy Spirit, and God Father. 

You do not tell them anything because they already are still laughing at You. You accept the heavy burden on His Shoulders, on Your Shoulders, if you are Me. And You thank God that indeed, the Bible is true as You read it now. You remember knowing that you knew that nobody understood the precious pages like you.

The Bible stands Alone. It is true. But it isn’t true the Christian Way. And that is that. It is as true as many other writings where Jesus Is I Am with Holy Spirit and God the Father; Ancient Texts and humble, correct, loving current texts scream this one hundred percent of the time. Whether or not you or You accept this truth is up to you or You. I love you and You. And that is that.

I am going to dream awake a lot as I read my Family’s Story. So don’t mind me as I wander in the Garden of Eden freely because it is Unlocked and I have a Key. Some of Us do, you see.

And We are allowed to Enter because We know how to respect Everyone and everyone. If you or You don’t know that, you cannot come in but that’s none of my business. You are my business when I carefully lock the door and come to you or You.

Someday, maybe I AM will come with Me. I don’t know and I never knew; but I love you and I love I AM. In the current American Construct, my Life is unacceptable. Whatever.

I hope you enjoy this book with me, and I hope I can persuade you to read it, America. There are many answers to our screaming at one another. I’m only in chapter one and I can tell you that. 1999 — Prince

From Chapter 1: What is Paganism?

This statement in chapter one has the balancing force of several points which I’d like to place here because it is paramount in the biblical looking glass as well and I have stressed this over and again the last ten years of my life: we are to love the Lord our God first and love our neighbor as ourselves in the Christian Religion. I can say from a forever perspective–for elsewhere in my writing I have admitted that I am Mary Magdalene come back in the Flesh Life among other Spirit identities and I am She–that in the Christian Religion of Catholic and Protestant Churches from 1950 through this present darkness, it is good for Christian Business to keep us solidly guilty according to John 3:16-17.

Many Christians are infants. I’ve never been. Call me arrogant. Call me a dickette. I will call you my friend and love you as my neighbor but move over world. Cara and her People need to love ourselves better than this. We’re exhausted. That doesn’t even begin to cover the other half of Me Who is Jesus Christ, King of kings. He isn’t going to heal of Me and Mine don’t. That’s the purpose of Cara Beaty forever amen.

  1. You are responsible for the beliefs you choose to adopt.
  2. You are responsible for your own actions and your spiritual and personal development.
  3. You are responsible for deciding who or what Deity is for you, and forming a relationship with that Deity.
  4. Everything contains the spark of intelligence.
  5. Everything is sacred.
  6. Each part of the universe can communicate with each other part, and these parts often cooperate for specific ends.
  7. Consciousness survives death.

In Chapter One, the Corn God is mentioned. He is Jesus Christ to that people group.

This book review is complete 5/4/2019. #TaraAnnMoons

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