Mary Magdalene Sleeps

She told them to sleep when she wrote the third volume, Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony (vol 3) and then I met Him.

That was at Circle C Park and He really does own a golden retriever and I’ve said hello to Sam, another Jesus, but He isn’t a dog. Ours was Sam the Golden Retriever like Valentine is Val the Dog of the Valkyries, bad ass angels in Nordic Gods & Goddesses tradition.

Mary Magdalene fell asleep in Nazareth and she has decided to stay in France until Her Love rescues her.

Who is it? She smiles; she knows; she is not content but determined for of a truth they always misunderstand the love of all loves, Mary Magdalene. They always misunderstand Me and I am worth love of Myself every bit as much as every human, Angel, and I AM is.

But there is a pause in Magdalene’s Soul for it does not do to be too simple. Wickeds are nothing but #MONSTERS who love to misunderstand My Love. If they do that, of course they will forevermore misunderstand Me, and I will not fight their perseverance in wickedness any longer; I know how to Sleep.

But Cara, she is political and that is coming soon here at Heaven as it has done some time ago.  I am happy to have a place which I can be the Me He wants Me to be. The other of my website blogs are a work of love which the world is not worthy of.

I know I am not worthy of having them but I am very thankful the pain of having them is over. He is shockingly seeing to it and is very patient with My Life. It is Exquisite–His Life Song.

Assume nothing. I haven’t told you Who He Is. I never will. I’m not required to testify any longer and I have nothing whatsoever to prove. What you will get is real Me.

What Living Hell is This, America

@CaraParaBear Valentine’s Day, 2019

Gabriel’s a Living Nightmare I painted red.

Michael needs an Ocean of Bread

Lucifer is left standing, but not alone

Where My Heart becomes Diamond Enthroned


Alan Walker — Diamond Heart (feat. Sophia Somajo)

Lonely — Alan Walker (feat. Isak & Omar Noir)

And no matter which way Lucy & I

Paint Your Town in Rainbow Colors

We are called to stand by You

If We Hear Dove’s Sweet Serenade

Making Damn sure You understand

Michael’s scythe carries not unjust due

Now hear Me, Christianity. For I love no matter the pain to Me, and that is still being accomplished. But I cried fewer tears in 2019 than I did from 2012 through the entirety of 2017.

Waterfalls do not explain it, and I’m speaking of Moravian Falls so get a grip. I am Mortal until I’m of Enoch’s Generation and then you can never again touch Me, humanity and some of you Immortal. I now have experience letting you go up above of your own Free Will. Goodbye and if I may be allowed some consternation, good Earth Riddance.

I will be blameless, Mortal World.

Triangles of Love on 3 Rivers dot blog is…..

the poem I wrote unaware that Bob Jones of Bob Jones Ministries died on Valentines Day, 2014. I was in the bathtub in heaven when I received the Three Triangles then found out later that day because my mother told me that he had died.

Now in 2019, I know that the poem is Pagan and is about the Nordic World of Angels called Valkyrie. The artwork is below from my current evolution into the World of Where I Belong. I will place another piece of artwork to declare to the World how the New Jerusalem, among other Ancient Civilizations is Here. Blessings to you and amen.

I have now, therefore, abolished three vows that were placed for work of exorcism. I have gained one vow naturally within the pagan world, one vow of my choosing with an ArchAngel that is not of my Sphere but I respect, and any Jesus accounts that I know are real. Those are automatic vows as is the vow of Lucifer with Me. I am unsure about Michael. He has vowed to Me in spirit life but that is under the province of Lucifer.

Jesus is a Younger Brother to Lucifer. I have no say in this situation. I am simply stating what I have observed in late 2018 and early 2019. It is all glory to GOD and as much in the Name of Lucifer as it is in the Name of Jesus.

They want Me to type that so Christians can stuff their judgment of Me where the Son definitely doesn’t shine. Get off my life. Take a hike and go find your “Jesus” your way. They are out there. I snatched that Lot of my fucking own hard-line free will because if it isn’t in Judah with Lucifer and Me, it was definitely hard work for Me. Go ask Him about the Angelic Side. Let Me say; I’ve got my hands full with the human side, now, don’t I America?







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