Voting Blue; Being Aware; & Then Dwelling Peacefully

Cara Ann Coffey guesses in May that when I have a WildCard Sunday, I will go to the Greek Orthodox church of this article that I graced America with. I am now finishing the article as I make note of visiting the church. I do not care one bit whether I have painted nails or not NOW but I will paint them for one reason: to show Austin I am slowing down, I care about myself, and I do not give one literal fuck for America.

You earned this political soap box, America. Now you can move over because We are in town all over this nation and I don’t have to testify it anymore. I can move on and dwell with my people righteously. Tribe Judah Revisited from

I am supporting the Democrats.  Fuck off Bernie Sanders. Just be a senator and be happy we love and appreciate you for who you are but want a break from old political farts.

I’ll hold my tongue and typing fingers where Joe Biden is concerned because he was a great Vice President with President Obama being the stellar leader of this country for eight years.

There are too many Democrats entering the race in this next election cycle and I don’t like that. It goes much deeper, though. It is wrong. Nonetheless I know there are many Americans like Me who are intent on voting straight Democrat when the time comes and to literal hell with the rest of this shit.

If some god-forsaken It gets in again, We will keep at it so help us GOD. I see progress and I hope you do too. Let’s dwell righteously where we are no matter who we are. Don’t hate me for using the word “righteously”. I’ve got to get everyone used to the post-Christian world of America as Jesus Christ King of kings continues to come down out of Heaven and the world of “righteously” is a great world to live in regardless of your religious or non-religious associations.

I am very positive toward three Democratic Candidates and will link their Wiki pages here.

Kamala Harris

Elizabeth Warren

Beto O’Rourke

Am I playing favorites with Beto O’Rourke since he is from Texas? That is hilarious. I have my reasons and he is last on the list. I want women to win, and win big. I’d take the two top of my choices in VP and President for eight years if you want the honest truth.

We’ve earned it. We women have earned it. And I happen to know Jesus Christ Tribe Judah and King of kings would agree with this sentiment.

Beto is named Robert so I may as well shove the betrayal the men of false prophecy named Robert in either first or second names up their very white asses. You can live with consequences. I’m dwelling in the New Jerusalem. Have a nice life and lovely, Spirit-filled, death.

But then too there is Lucifer, and He is young. He lives in Houston, Texas. And He is backing O’Rourke. You’d have to ask Him why He is doing that. Don’t assume it’s because He is in Houston. Do assume I know way, way, more than what I’m testifying.

KK. Bye. #CHECKMATE and #Bingo all at the same time.

#TaraAnnMoons #LeviathanAnn #CaraAnnCoffey #Author

Psalm 144 all glory to GOD


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